Light Gauge Steel Buildings

What is Light Gauge Steel?

Light gauge steel is a modern construction technology. It uses cold formed galvanized steel profiles as the main bearing building structure. The steel profiles are specially shaped through roll form machines to give different building elements such as wall panels, roof structure, joists , flooring chassis and ceiling panels. The light gauge steel building system is gaining a lot of popularity recently thanks to its inherent advantages such as light weight, flexibility, easy to assemble, cost effective, and sustainability.



Prefabex Is A Leading Supplier Of Light Gauge Steel Constructions

Prefabex is one of the Turkey's leading offsite steel framed building specialists providing interim light gauge metal Framing construction and prefab building solutions.

Prefabex steel framed buildings systems provide reliability, rapidity, functionality and value for money. Light steel construction technology offers risk free and cost effective solutions meeting the demands of private investors, constructors, public and private institutions. Steel guarantees reliability and rapidity.

Light Gauge Steel For Commercial and Residential 

We are a leading manufacturer of off-site-constructed Steel Framed construction and extensions for residential and commercial applications.

From small homes to multiple apartment blocks and lifetime homes, our residential steel framed buildings meet strict international quality standards.

Our steel framed offices are designed and manufactured to suit your needs, From small offices to office complex blocks. Our prefabricated steel offices from Prefabex gives you the flexibility to adapt, survive and luxury office space for a variety of purposes.

High Quality Steel Frame Structures 

We can help turn your dream project into reality, on time and on budget. Our architect team has expertise for prefab light steel buildings. We are here to help in custom design ideas, with complete satisfaction of the final product.

Discover the benefits of steel framed buildings with Prefabex. This off-site light gauge steel structure provides contemporary design and durable construction on a budget.

Prefabex light steel buildings offer an extremely cost effective, fast and flexible building system with attractive designs to blend into local environments and suit most budgets.