Modular Houses

Modular houses referred to as Prefabricated houses, are structures produced off-site within a controlled factory environment. They are made of standard steel sections and wall panels that can be easily transported and assembled. They come as single floor or two-level, and the plan can be customized to client needs. 

Prefabex modular houses are also called panelized homes, as walls are produced with standard dimensions with insulation already included. a 100 m2 modular house can be assembled within 4 days by a professional assembling team.

20+ Years Experience in Designing and Constructing Modular Homes

At Prefabex, we have over 20 years’ of experience and understand that each modular home has its own unique specifications. We supply really custom modular homes on-time and within budget. Our expert team will work with you to design and build your modular home whether you are looking for a two-story home or single-story or low cost housing, also you can choose from our standard range of plans and designs.

You can discuss your ideas and wishes for your future prefabricated houses with the skilled engineering and design team at Prefabexand our experienced engineers and architects will create a modular home building according to your exact wishes.

Prefabex is proud to offer its extensive range of modern modular homes that are premium, economic, stylish, and come with a wide selection of internal and external finishing.

Prefabex modular house is a good choice to help you start preparing for the future during construction. To give you the best modular houses we are using best quality steel and insulation materials while making a house.

Prefabex is a Leader Building in Manufactured Homes & Modular Houses

Prefabex is a leader in the design and manufacturer of modular homes. We work carefully with you to customize our modular house plans to suit your taste. Our prefabricated houses design allow you to interactively create house construction designs to meet customers' space requirements perfectly. 

We provide homes and residential construction for person to live in and love, using precision engineering to make high-quality modular homes at speed and at scale.

Prefabex offers affordable, quality modular homes as one of Turkey's leading house builders. We've got hundreds of prefabricated house floorplans to choose from, and we can do completely custom prefabricated houses as well.

Best Contemporary Prefab Houses & Modular Homes for Sale

We offer full design flexibility, so you can create the changes you want to suit your individual tastes and meet your specific needs. It’s just an infiltrate peek to help inspire you to think about everything you need in your perfect modular home. 

Prefabex have hundreds of modular home plans for you to select from. Our prefabricated home plans  contain a variety of designs, styles and sizes to meet any lifestyle including bungalow, chalet homes, town villa, cape homes, townhomes, single-family homes, multi-family homes ,vacation home. Furthermore, these modular homes are available at competitive prices to fit any budget. Flat pack modular kit homes are the best and fastest way to get a cost effective and thermally efficient building.

The flexibility of using modular houses provides buyers with choices to design their bespoke new modern home to their accurate requirements with many prefabricated kit homes offering versatility with their design packages.

At Prefabex, We make your dream of a perfect modular home come true

We are a full-service prefabricated homes manufacturer, meaning we can do everything for you, and hand over the keys to your modern new modular home at the end.

Our prefabriicated houses are built on our premisesand erected on site in a few days. They come completely wired and plumbed and customised to your needs.

As a top prefabricated and modular home dealer in Turkey, we offer one of the largest selections of manufactured prefabricated homes, bungalow and villa prices to fit any budget, we’re certain that you’ll find your dream home! At prefabex, we provide all of our clients with quality manufactured homes for sale at affordable prices.

Prefabex modular homes are ideal for personal accommodation, government social housing projects, tourist villages, luxury housing, summer house, employee accommodation projects and chalets. 

Flat Pack House & Modular Home Best Prices In 2023

The cost of a modular home can vary widely depending on factors such as size, materials, and location. Generally, they tend to be more affordable than other types of homes when taking into account all of the associated costs. It's always best to do your research and get multiple estimates before making a final decision.

The prices of its modular home designs are decided by their size, complexity and level of finish, and it provides no set floor plans or price list.