What is a Modular Building?

Modular or prefabricated building is considered an alternative way of construction to the traditional concrete system. It utilizes steel profiles and other high end cladding and insulation elements to create ready modules at the factory. The modular wall panels are prepared based on the approved plan, and are then packaged and transported to the site. All other components of the building or house such as doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, paint...etc are also included. Assembling is conducted at the site by an experienced and professional team and building is delivered to the client as turn-key.


Prefabex is a Leading Supplier Of Modular Buildings

With more than 19 years at the forefront of the design of modular buildings, engineering prefabricated construction, customized modular buildings for permanent or temporary projects, and product quality management of prefabricated and modular buildings across the world, we are able to offer innovative solutions that meet strict international quality standards. Prefabex prefabricated buildings are solutions developed to meet customers' space requirements perfectly no matter for what purpose.

Prefabricated buildings systems provide a controlled temporary space that is designed to fit your specific needs. With a growing and changing business, space needs can change rapidly, and our prefabricated system allows you to address space needs in a moment’s notice with minimal disruption for the facility.

Prefabex Prefabricated buildings are the best and fastest way to get a cost effective and thermally efficient construction. Search a wide selection of prefabricated building kits for modualr schools, healthcare, commercial and government.

Prefabricated Buildings for Modular Offices, Schools, Housing

Modular buildings are the ideal construction solution for businesses that need a reliable and durability structure that will last years.

Prefabex modular buildings have endless applications in different sectors. Whether you need a single storey or two storey building, We offer the right permanent and temporary solution. Prefabricated construction provides the fastest space buildings solutions for temporary & permanent needs.

With their unique, cost-effective designs, prefabricated buildings provide an ideal solution for schools, healthcare, commercial and government. Prefabex modular buildings are custom built to meet your unique needs.

Our prefabricated buildings can be used as modular dormitories and sleeping accommodation, dining halls and cafeterias, business offices and sales centres, schools, hospitals and medical, clinics, workforce housing, classrooms, military barracks, toilet units and shower block, hotels and lodging facilities, government buildings and commercial building. Additional options are always available and we're happy to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs.

Premium Modular Buildings for Sale At Competitive Prices

Purchasing a prefabricated modular building from Prefabex offers a permanent, cost-effective solution for any company. Customers can either choose from our kits of Prefabricated buildings or take features of our truly Customer-focused, ‘design-your-own-building’ service. Prefabex will supply a dedicated project manager to work with you to support the design you’re building to suit your specific needs. 

It’s the care we extend to our customers and our prefabricated buildings that really sets us apart. We take time to understand your requirements and expectations, so we can provide just the right prefabricated buildings for your needs. We care for our buildings by maintaining them to the highest standards to ensure they provide safe, reliable and comfortable working and living environments. Click to get information about prefabricated building plans and models. Affordable, uniquely designed modular buildings are here.

Prefabex Designs-Builds Permanent & Temporary Modular Buildings

Modular buildings mostly fall down one of two types - permanent or temporary. Within these types, the realistic buildings can range from flat pack and demountable solutions to prefabricated systems and those where much of the construction is completed offsite before being delivered and put together.

Prefabricated buildings are easily adaptable and flexible, offering a variety of designs in layout and materials used. This design allows for the building to be easily relocated to another area or reused for another purpose altogether. With all of our projects, we strive to make the construction process entirely convenient and problem-free for our customers.

The prefabricated building construction process involves many moving sections, including project analysis, planning, construction design, permit work, construction, site development, transportation, and assembly. Prefabex prefabricated construction is built at a specialized modular building facility and is delivered to the project site, ready for installation.

Modular buildings are designed to be quickly and easily assembled, and come in a diversity of sizes and configurations. Our modular buildings are the best and fastest way to get a cost effective and thermally efficient construction. Search a wide selection of new modular buildings from classrooms to offices.

Delivering the Highest Quality Modular Buildings

Prefabex is a design-build offsite construction company and direct manufacturer of modular buildings for modular schools, healthcare, commercial and government.

Our prefabricated buildings give you the flexibility to create modular buildings of any size or configuration, to meet your specific requirements.

Prefabex hold the hassle away from you when it comes to delivering prefabricated buildings. That's because we administer the entire operations for you. We combine cutting-edge modular build with modern design principles to create modular buildings with character and beauty.

Prefabex Modular Buildings Provide Fast & Cost-Effective Solution

The operations of prefabrication is 70 percent faster than conventional construction. Prefabex use latest technology equipment which is fully automated and demands minimal human intervention, thus bringing about complete accuracy.

Prefabricated buildings supply a quick and flexible solution to temporary and permanent accommodation requirements as the units are manufactured in a factory environment not affected by the weather and site installation, onto foundations, can be carried out speedily.

Sustainable Modular Buildings By Prefabex

Modular buildings are booming these days. At a gleam, they seem to be the smartest, fastest, cheapest and most innovative way to build your new construction.

An innovative prefabricated construction company based in Turkey, supplying an affordable solution for your modular building requirements.

We have years of experience supplying high quality commercial, residential, industrial modular buildings. From commercial prefabricated office buildings to modular housing garages and through to school buildings, we are the number one supplier of modular buildings.

Prefabex Modular Building System 

Prefabex Modular building is constructed from prefabricated modules using an assembly line system and undergo inspection and testing every stage of the production. 

The main benefits to using Prefabex modular building system is that they are designed to provide a diversity of space solutions that can be installed quickly, durability and cost-effective, making them an ideal solution for schools, healthcare, commercial and government.