Polyester Cabins


What are Polyester cabins?

Polyester cabins are modular structures that are produced from glass reinforced polyester. The wall panels and roof panels are produced with special molds. The paint is placed inside the mold, then the glass fibers are placed and the polyester is sprayed. After that the molds are closed and polyurethane foam is injected inside the mold to fill the gap and give excellent insulation to the roof and walls. Wall panels and roof panels are transported to any site and assembled on site to give the final cabin with required size starting from 150x150 cm up to 390x1230 cm.

A Direct Manufacturer of Polyester Cabins

Prefabex have polyester cabins for sale that can be used as guard booths, security booths, guard shacks, and parking attendants’ booths. These cabins are fully equipped with modern facilities and come in different sizes and layouts. They have a variety of modern features and are located nearby. We have stock available and offer nationwide delivery. As one of the leading companies in fiberglass portable security cabin manufacturing, we produce these cabins in our modern factory using the latest insulation systems and high-quality polyurethane sandwich panels. With 36 years of experience, our portable polyester security cabins have a modern and aesthetic appearance that enhances the overall look of any space. We can deliver these cabins in the sizes you need, directly from our stock, and at affordable prices with the Prefabex guarantee.

Easy to Install, Simple to build and Easy to Relocate

Polyester cabins are versatile prefabricated buildings that can be easily moved and customized for various purposes. They are commonly used in industries such as mining, oil fields, and construction sites. These cabins provide accommodation for workers and can also be used as mobile offices. In the past, large tents were used for such projects, but they were uncomfortable and did not protect the staff from the weather. Portable polyester cabins have solved these problems and made it possible to complete large projects quickly. They also offer solutions for dining hall and restroom facilities, improving overall project efficiency and reducing costs.

Polyester Cabins for Every Need

The idea of polyester cabins has been present for a long time, and as technology continues to advance, the concept has evolved. However, many providers have sacrificed the overall quality of polyester cabins in favor of practicality. Balancing quality and practicality is a challenging task, as higher quality materials come with a higher price tag. Despite this, Prefabex Prefabricated polyester cabin technologies has achieved the perfect balance and created modular cabins that are suitable for any situation. Our polyester cabins and accommodation units stand out for their practicality, portability, affordability, durability, reliability, and sustainability. They can be easily relocated, fully customized before delivery, withstand harsh weather conditions and disasters, last a lifetime without issues, and are more affordable than other options on the market today.