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Prefabex Designs and Manufactures Premium Modular Homes

Prefabex Modular Home Solutions, one of the established modular home manufacturers Turkey, offering wide range of manufactured & prefabricated modular homes. All of our prefabricated apartments and modular homes are quality assured and constructed using high-quality materials.

Modular home structures provides very suitable options, especially for clients who want to have the house they want with an affordable price.



Fast & High-quality Solution Wih Prefabex Single Story Modular Homes

At Prefabex, we create your dream of a perfect prefabricated home come true. Our speciality is building eco-friendly modular houses, bringing together high quality materials, bespoke design and innovative construction latest techniques.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a New Single Story Modular Home?

The cost of a modular homes depends on many factors and isn’t an easy question to answer. In order to provide a clear response, we must have an in-depth understanding of the location, size, and use of the structure. Also, The cost of the prefabricated homes total will depend on many factors including the size of the building, the interior options, and more.

Prefabricated Homes for Single Story Modular Homes Relocatable Houses, Modern Single Story Housing

Prefabex Provides one of the most extensive kits of modular homes. customers can choose from prefabricated homes, villas, home cabins, light steel houses, custom colonial houses, relocatable homes, chalet homes and more.

View our one story Modern Collection of Modular Homes

Amazing single storey prefabricated houses are available on Prefabex in diverse plans and designs to suit unique tastes. View plans, information, specifications, designs and floor plans for our one story collection of modular homes.