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17 years of experience. 160 prefabricated homes delivered. Buy your houses from the Prefabex leading Turkish manufacturer of two story modular homes kits.

Our two story modular house kits are designed to provide generations of affordable, secure, low-maintenance, durable and energy-efficient small home living.



What is intended by Modular Homes?

Modular homes are a process in which a building is manufactured off-site, under controlled plant cases, using the High quality materials and designing to the same codes and standards as traditional built facilities – but in about half the time.

Why should you choose Prefabex as your Two Story Modular Homes supplier?

Sustainable two story modular homes by Prefabex. We manufacturers low-impact buildings using modular design and prefabricated components with high quality materials and latest techniques.

Highly-Efficient & Fast Delivering With Prefabex Two Story Modular Homes

We believe that to construct the perfect two story modular home, the process shouldn't be complex, it must take as little time as possible and be inexpensive.

Our two story modular homes provide a highly-efficient and fast way of delivering flexible, high-quality housing constructions.

Prefabex of the Leading Manufacturers of Prefab and Two Story Modular Homes

Prefabex provides affordable, high quality prefabricated homes as one of Turkey's leading home builders. Discover our selection of prefabricated, modular homes, mobile homes and light steel houses.

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Prefabex modular buildings Solutions is the Turkey's most advanced Prefabricated modular and steel houses manufacturer based in Istanbul.

Search for your ideal modular homes at the best price including two story modular house, low cost modular house, luxury house, prefabricated apartment, studio and custom modern home.