Prefabricated Guard Booths in Greece

Portable Guard Booths - Greece

Prefabex has manufactured and delivered 3 units of 220x220 portable cabins to be used as mobile security guard booths in Greece.

The modular cabin interior can contain LED lighting, stainless steel countertops, electrical outlets, a data prep, and air conditioner to help create a quiet, comfortable environment for the officer inside.

Our durable booth’s structure is manufactured fully of fibreglass panels insulated with polyurethane. Our units come in a variety of designs and sizes.

We offer a full line of options for those seeking to buy prefab cabins and kiosks for industrial or commercial use. Our modular booths that are portable allow for a modern and customized design, while still allowing for comfort, complete portability, mobility, durability, and flexibility.


  • Location: Greece
  • Installation Time: 4 hours
  • Dimension: 220x220
  • Building System: Polyester Cabin
  • Number of Units: 3