Prefabricated Security Guard Booths in Panama

Guard Booths - Panama

Prefabex has supplied 21 portable kiosks to Panama. The modular cabin will be used as guard houses, checkpoints, parking booths and ticket booths. Prefabex booths and kiosks are ready for use and fully equipped to be installed in almost any location.

With many years of experience, Prefabex is the leading supplier of prefabricated guard booths. We have achieved expertise in catering to the requirements of our clients exactly as per their specifications. We emphasize stringent quality standards in order to ensure that the products provided to our clients are always optimum to its level.


  • Location: Panama
  • Installation Time: 4 days
  • Dimension: 150x150, 150x220, 150x270, 270x390
  • Building System: Polyester Cabin
  • Number of Units: 26