Flat Pack Containers for Portable Offices In UK

Flat Pack Containers - United Kingdom

Prefabex has delivered a number of customized 3x8 m and 3x12 m flat pack containers that will be used as portable offices and retail outlets in UK. 

Prefabex prefab flat pack containers can be configured very quickly by joining modules together side by side or end to end, or by stacking them to create two or even three-story buildings. The main advantages of flatpack containers are their economic prices and quick assembly.

our flat pack containers are specially designed container solutions suitable for relocation enabling repeated number of installations. Flat pack containers can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. portable retail and pop-up Sshops containers are preferred by large-scale construction companies working intensely due to its high quality and competitive price.


  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Area: 3x8, 3x12
  • Building System: Flat Pack
  • Number of units: 12