Pre engineered Buildings For Commercial & Offices

Pre-engineered Building - Turkey

Prefabex designed and manufactured custom Pre-engineered steel buildings that would handle all of the client needs. The steel building we installed within the scope of this project with our light steel frame system has a size of 1500m².

The steel office building was built to include independent offices, conference rooms, break room with canteen and large open spaces for cubicles or other partition systems.

For those in search of commercial steel frame buildings, A light steel frame construction from Prefabex is a versatile solution for any commercial office space. Prefabex manufactured prefabricated steel frame buildings that are customizable for your business while maintaining durability on time and on budget.

Whether your project is a bespoke residential development or a large scale commercial or industrial project. Prefabex offers top quality light steel frame constructions that are earthquake resistant, highly insulated and come in a wide range of aesthetic designs.



  • Location: Turkey
  • Installation Time: 4 weeks
  • Area: 1500m2
  • Building System: Modular Steel Frame Structure