Portable Security Booths in Panama

Guard booths - Panama

Prefabex has supplied 43 portable cabins to Panama. The modular cabin will be used as guard booths, checkpoints and observation units. Prefabex booths and kiosks are ready for use and fully equipped to be installed in almost any location.

Our cabin includes windows, full electrical package, hinged or sliding door and exterior grade roof. Work counters, HVAC, overhangs or canopies are available options. 

Prefabex produces booths and kiosks that provide fast and affordable solutions for a wide range of applications. 

We offer a comprehensive range of highly secure portable cabins and kiosks, available in a range of sizes and configurations.



  • Location: Panama
  • Installation Time: 2 days
  • Building System: Polyester cabin
  • Number of Units: 34