Prefabricated Buildings for Appartements & Housing in Saudi Arabia

Light steel appartements building - Saudi Arabia

Prefabex designed and manufactured custom prefabricated residence appartements space solutions that was customized to client’s needs. The three-story apartment building we installed in Saudi Arabia within the scope of this project with our light steel frame system has a size of 630m².

We work with customers on projects ranging from small cost-effective prefabricated  apartment buildings to expansive multi-building apartment complexes. All of the structure, internal and external finishing, electrical and plumbing, doors and windows are prepared at the factory and sent to the site to be assembled directly by our professional technicians.

Benefits of Prefabex Prefabricated Light steel frame Apartments and Homes:
  • Light steel construction is up to 60% faster than conventional construction
  • Light steel construction can reduce your costs up to 40%
  • We supply a range of constructions scopes from cost-effective houses to luxury apartments
  • Wide selection of external and internal finishing
  • High heat and sold insulation with use of mineralwool as wall and roof insulation.
  • Structure is produced from galvanized steel profiles that are joined using bolts and nuts without any welding



  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Installation Time: 8 weeks
  • Area: 630m²
  • Building System: Light steel frame structure
  • Number of Floors: 3