Prefabricated Schools Buildings & Classrooms in Ghana

Prefabricated school Building - Ghana

Accra School Primary needed a permanent solution that students could settle into quickly, with disruption kept to a minimum. Due to our reputation for our high-quality education solutions and speed of delivery, we were appointed to choose the right solution.

Prefabex suggested light steel framing for its ease and quick installation, durability, design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. light steel framing can be used to meet standard design requirements and fix complex architectural challenges.

The prefab school building included (4) classrooms, (2) Office, (1) Staff Restroom, (1) canteen, Boys and Girls Restroom, and restroom for people with special needs.

Prefab prefabricated building allowed for the fast delivery of the project, enabling us to build on the current campus with minimum disruption, meaning the school could be opened as soon as potential. The space and nature of the school now means that student will be offered security and support throughout the whole of their academic lives.


  • location: Ghana - Accra
  • Installation time: 8 weeks
  • Area: 625m²
  • Building system: Light steel frame structure