Modular Homes in Czech Republic

Prefabricated Houses - Czech Republic

Prefabex has delivered 116 m² prefabricated houses to Czech Republic. Upon successful completion of the project two more houses of the same type were produced and are being assembled.

Prefabex prefab light steel and modular houses are more comfortable, efficient, better places to live. All of our prefab homes and commercial structures are built using sustainable materials, systems, and practices. Building is cost-effective, because it enables the customer to save on expenses made on workforce and also construction materials.

Using our extremely refined process, we lead our customers through a simple, interactive design process, leveraging the predictability of modular and steel building systems to control the cost, quality, and timing of our modern prefab homes.


  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Installation Time: 1 week
  • Area: 116 m²
  • Building System: Light steel frame structure
  • Number of Units: 3