Prefabricated Classrooms & School Buildings In Ghana

Light steel School - Ghana

Prefabex designed and constructed new prefabricated learning spaces and associated amenities.ً we chose a Light steel solution to offer a range of construction related benefits most notably, speed of construction, flexibility designs and safety.

The school was fully pre-produced in Prefabex modern facilities, then shipped to Tema port inside 5 containers with all materials included such as doors, windows, external and internal cladding, insulation, ceramic tiles, toilet cubicles, electric network and fittings, sanitary ware and pipes, gypsum board, false ceiling and all required screws, accessories and construction chemicals.

Prefabex maximizes value for schools, balancing speed and flexibility in a portfolio of cost-effective, customizable, modern designs that are easily conformation for a vast range of design preferences.

The resulting classrooms are bright and attractive as well as supply an environment auxiliary to the education of students.The project has been successfully completed on time and within budget.


  • Location: Ghana-Fijai
  • Installation Time: 8 weeks
  • Area: 625m²
  • Building system: Light steel frame structure