Prefabricated Health Facilities


High Quality & Cost-Effective Modular Hospitals

Modular hospital construction is a process in which a building is manufactured off-site, under controlled plant cases, using the High quality materials and designing to the same codes and can contain many sections such as doctor rooms, custom clinics rooms, offices, laboratories, patient rooms, emergency room, operation rooms, restrooms.

A concept of prefabricated hospitals and modular healthcare entirely manufactured by Prefabex to provide an on-terrain humanitarian solution. Our prefabricated hospital construction can be built as completely stand-alone properties, or can be joined to existing healthcare facilities.

Prefabex Provide Modular Buildings For Hospital, Medical Clinics and Healthcare Solutions

With more years of experience, we're proud to design and manufacture standard plans and custom prefabricated healthcare buildings across all types of medical businesses. Prefabex prefabricated buildings include a range of modular healthcare, patient care centres, dental clinics, medical clinics & hospital buildings . Our prefab modular hospital is ideal for shorter lead times without compromising on quality and durability.

Prefabex modular building supplies hospitals and other healthcare facilities providers the most efficient solution for patient accommodation without compromising the quality of health and safety.

Whatever are your requirements, Prefabex have the expertise and experience to provide a prefabricated modular hospital or medical clinics that is in place quickly while maintaining strict medical and aesthetic specifications. We will work with our customers to cost-effectively create innovative solutions.

Modular Hospitals Are A Fast, Easy Installation & Economical Way To Make Healthcare Space!

Our prefabricated healthcare construction is manufactured to supply your medical patients and staff alike with a flexible and comfortable space. Prefabex complete hospitals or additions to existing Healthcare buildings can be built from prefabricated modules and placed on a permanent or temporary foundation.

Prefabricated healthcare buildings can offer hospitals and other medical centers an excellent and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction providing safe, clean and beautifully designed temporary or permanent building options that enable you to start caring for your patients with complete confidence.

Prefabex Is A Supplier & Manufacturer Of Modular Hospital and Healthcare Clinics Buildings

Prefabex modular buildings solutions company has been manufacturing modular healthcare products for over 20 years. Our solutions include a range from medical and dental clinics, management offices, labs, professional medical clinics and hospitals. Prefabex modular buildings, specifically in construction health care, is an option for medical clinic providers looking to quickly extend without increasing costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Modular Hospital or Prefab Medical Clinic?

The prefabricated modular hospital and Medical buildings cost varies depending on the scale of the project and the types of materials used. The structure type, size, and customization requirements locate the cost tag you bring. so, the more changes engaged per square foot you want, the higher the final price will be.

Prefabex modular healthcare & medical buildings make it a highly cost-effective alternative to conventional construction for meeting your broad set of needs.Our prefabricated construction systems for modular healthcare building provides healthcare facilities according to international standards and used for doctor's offices, dentist offices, wellness centres, hospital expansions, and more.

Temporary or Permanent Modular Hospital Buildings & Medical clinics

Prefabex is a leading supplier of temporary modular healthcare facilities. Modular healthcare and hospital buildings can also be constructed for permanent needs. They can be custom designed to match the aesthetics of existing buildings.

Prefabex complete hospitals or additions to existing Healthcare buildings can be built from prefabricated modules and placed on a permanent or temporary foundation.

Prefabex Modular Healthcare Facilities adapting to COVID-19

Prefabex modular healthcare buildings can provide you with prefabricated construction systems that allow you to COVID-19 test the population for the virus. These modular buildings are standard to meet the medical authority's exact space and budget requirements.was built using prefabricated modules in a building formation.