Prefabricated Toilet-Shower


Prefabex is Supplier of Modular Restrooms and Prefab Toilet Buildings

Prefabex offer wide range of sizes and designs of modular restroom units and shower buildings that suit your need Whether it is for both males and females, includes showers, change rooms and compliant disabled accessibility you can find a solution within our extensive range of products. Our modular restroom construction is a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. WC Multi-person, and individual facilities are available.

Easy Instaltion, Comfort, ADA-Compliant, Clean Modular Restroom & Toiltes By Prefabex

Our Prefabricated modular restrooms, toilet and showers are a safe, comfort, clean, fast and affordable way to get the temporary and permanent restroom facilities you need. Prefabex prefab modular restrooms can be easily added to your existing facilities, or can be create placed as a standalone restroom and toilet building.

Prefabricated Buildings For Modular Restrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets, Showers Buildings

Our modular restrroms, toilet and shower range from Prefabex are available with flexible options and each building type is customized to suit specific end use, with features such as electrical connection, water supply, secure locking and appropriate fit out. For rapid installation and full adaptability to any site, Prefabex can assist with all your project requirements.

Build a Public Restroom & Easily Create a Modular Toilet Building Solution

Construct prefab modular restroom tailored to a business owner’s requirements where they want and when they need them with Prefabex modular systems. We provide a diversity of fully functional prefabricated modular restrooms and toilets with the same aesthetic and plumbing as conventional construction.Our modular public toilet provides a comfort, ADA-Compliant, clean n environment.

We’re Turkey’s leading source of prefabricated modular buildings for restrooms, bathrooms, toilets, showers, toilet cubicles, container WC, mobilar toilets, locker rooms, restroom trailers and luxury modular restrooms.

Cost-Effective & Eco-friendly Prefabricated Modular Restroom, Toilets, Showers, Ablution and Locker rooms

Whether you’re looking for Temporary modular toilet & shower or a permanent addition to your facilities, Prefabex supplies a range of prefabricated restrooms, toilet, modular ablution, locker rooms and shower blocks. They give you easy transportation, easy installation, economical cost, flexible design and comfortable and secure surroundings.