Prefabricated Residential Building

Light Steel Residential Building - Saudi Arabia

Prefabex has been contacted by one of the largest hospitality companies in Saudi Arabia to design and build 500 prefabricated residential buildings in the project city of Neom located in the northwest of the kingdom.

Prefabex designed and produced 3x9 m prefabricated residential building with light steel system as a sample.

We sent a specialized team to assemble the prefabricated building. Assembling was completed in a short period, and the unit was delivered as turnkey to the client.  

Prefabex has executed many prefabricated residential projects and received excellent customer feedback, due to the quality of services it provides to its customers.


  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Installation Time: 3 Days
  • Area: 27m²
  • Building System: light gauge steel building