Construction Site Containers

Portable Site Containers - Portugal

Prefabex manufactured and delivered 18 modular containers for one of the biggest construction companies in Portugal.

Assembling has been accomplished successfully, and the modular containers will be used as temporary worker offices, housing units and WC units.

The prefabricated containers are shipped as ready-to-use with all parts included such as windows, doors, insulated walls, electric and plumbing networks. 

Prefabex is a premier supplier of construction site cabins, crafted perfectly to be the solution to your portable housing and office needs. The main advantages of construction site cabins are their economic prices, quick assembly and variety of choices of all sizes and configurations that you could possibly need.


  • Location: Portugal
  • Installation Time: 1 day
  • Dimension: 2.4x6
  • Building System: Flat Pack Containers
  • Number of Units: 18