Light Gauge Steel Framing For Modern Villas & Houses

Light Steel Villa - Jordan

Prefabex has completed the second construction of a light steel villa of its kind in Jordan presenting a total living space of approximately 327m², distributed on two levels with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room, office space with dining area and an open plan fully equipped brand kitchen.

showcasing our expertise in prefabricated building solutions. The project presents the advantages of using firm light steel structures for residential purposes, offering durability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Modern design with spacious interiors and ample natural lighting are guaranteed in this project.

The villa provides comfort, functionality, and sustainability to its residents, presented through the spaciousness of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. The living rooms are intelligently designed to maximize the available space, creating an airy atmosphere. They serve as a central gathering space for family and friends, providing ample rooms for relaxation and entertainment. The use of large windows allows natural light to flood into the room, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

The bedrooms are designed with comfort in mind. They offer a peaceful retreat where residents can unwind after a long day. Cozy furniture and vast storage spaces are well-appointed to keep belongings organized. The kitchens in this villa are modern and functional. They feature sleek cabinetry, high-quality appliances and sufficient counter space for meal preparation. As for bathrooms, they are designed with elegance and functionality. They feature stylish tiles and dynamic use of space. These bathrooms provide a serene environment where residents can rejuvenate and relax.

Prefabex through this project provided an exceptional design and functionality of light steel homes in Jordan. From spacious living areas to cozy bedrooms, and modern kitchens to elegant bathrooms - offering a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Prefabex is your trustworthy supplier for modular steel homes.


  • Location: Jordan
  • Installation Time: 4 weeks
  • Area: 330 m²
  • Building system: Light steel frame structures
  • Number of Floors: 2