Building Steel Frame Home

Steel Frame Structures For Modern House - Jordan

Prefabex has launched its new project in Jordan recently that aimed to build a prefabricated home with the maintenance of durability, sufficiency and sustainability.

The house was constructed on a total living space of approximately 142 square meters, designed according to the customer’s preference on the required specifications. The construction took place within 4 weeks. 

Prefabex is perfectly known for using high-quality building materials. This project was completed using light gauge steel structures ensuring flexibility, durability and sustainability in the long run. The design includes two master bedrooms with attached bathrooms as well as an American-style living room with a kitchenette and a toilet. 

The master bedroom, known as the primary bedroom, offers a spacious sanctuary away from the rest of the house. The room would set up a queen bed, leaving enough room to move around comfortably, attached with a luxurious bathroom and sizable closet.


  • Location: Jordan
  • Installation Time: 4 weeks
  • Area: 141 m²
  • Building System: Light steel frame structure