Modular Homes


What are Prefabricated Homes?

Prefabricated homes are modular structures prebuilt within the factory under strict control on the quality. They are then transported to the site and assembled by specialized technicians. This type of house allows for more accurate and consistent work, as well as reduced costs due to less disruptions or delays.

The main elements of a Prefabricated homes are the modular wall panels, also called press panels, and the galvanized H profile that join wall panels together. The press panel is a unique invention that is formed by pressing two fiber cement boards from both sides on high density EPS board. The EPS gives perfect sound and heat insulation and the fiber cement boards are ideal for fire and water resistant.

Prefabricated houses provide a cost-effective, thermal efficiency, faster to construct than traditional housing and environmentally-friendly living solutions for homeowners.

Prefabex Is A Leading Supplier Of Modular Homes & Prefab Houses

Prefabex Modular Homes Solutions is the Turkey’s most advanced modular homes manufacturer. Using modern prefabrication techniques and construction methods, we deliver homes of unrivalled quality and efficiency in a matter of days. Our homes are more cost efficient and sustainable than traditional construction methods.

When flexibility and cost-effectiveness are at the top of your list, Our modular homes are a great solution. You can choose from a wide selection of floor plans available or customize your own plan to fit in with your dream home.

View information, specifications, and floor plans for our wide range of modular homes from Prefabex Modular Home Solutions.

Prefabex is Manufactured Modular Homes With Latest Prefabrication Techniques

At The Prefabex company we combine the latest Prefabrication technology built with classic design principles to create modular homes with character and fascination.

The modular home structure and a strong combination of prefabrication are the core of our methods and constructive processes. We differentiate ourselves by employing the best practices of sustainable construction and the advanced manufacturing techniques.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Build a Custom Prefabricated House?

The cost varies depending on the scale of the modular house and the types of materials home used.The structure type, size, and customization requirements locate the cost tag you bring. so, the more changes engaged per square foot you want, the higher the final price will be. and other factors, such as the inclusion of internal fittings and fixtures, can also impact the cost of a prefabricated home. However, case studies show they can supply significant savings when compared to traditional construction.

Premium Modular Homes Available For Sale At Best Prices

Prefabex Provide affordable, high quality homes as one of Turkey's leading home builders. Discover our wide kits of mobile, manufactured and modular homes.

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Our modular homes are advanced because they are not built at your site. houses prefabrication happens at an off-site factory. Our process ensures superior construction quality management.

Fast & High Quality Prefab Modular Homes By Prefabex 

Our bespoke modular homes range provides a fast, flexible solution for housing associations, developers and low-cost or social housing providers. These highly customizable, environmentally-friendly homes are constructed almost completely in a factory setting, saving both homeowners and builders time, effort and money.

From modular houses to prefabricated multiple apartment blocks and lifetime homes, our residential modular buildings meet ISO quality homes.

Prefabex modular homes are serving hundreds of customers worldwide with their superior quality. Ask our sales team for the available options in terms of plans, materials and designs.