Low Cost Modular Homes


What is Modular Low Cost Housing ?

Modular low Cost housing is built in a controlled factory environment in structures modules and then transported to the final site.

Prefabex modular low cost housing is the solution for rapidly growing and poor sections of the population who require quick high-quality and affordable living space.

Prefabex Is A Leading Supplier Of Modular Housing & Prefabricated Homes

We're one of Turkey's leading Low cost modular housing manufacturers, helping imaginative clients build eco-friendly and high quality houses to their exact specifications.

With Prefabex modular Low-Cost House, the creation of safe, stable and cost-effective living and utility space can be achieved in a few hours of being delivered.

New Low Cost Modular Homes for Sale

If you need to buy your own low cost home, but can't afford the cost of home ownership, there are a number of modular home plans which can help you.

Browse the modular low cost housing range at Prefabex for the latest provides on modular home kits. We have a huge collection of cheap modular houses products plus modern design and customize options.

Strongest and Cheapest Modular Homes kits Manufactured By Prefabex

We design and manufacture low cost modular housing and prefabricated cheap homes for people to live in and love, using precision prefabrication engineering to create high-quality and affordable modular homes at speed.

Prefabex low cost housing and affordable prefabricated homes can provide higher quality solutions with lower risk and shorter time to completion, cost-effectiveness and build consistency.

Prefabex is Most Advanced Relocatable & Modular Housing Manufacturer

We believe that to construct the low cost modular homes and prefabricated housing, the process shouldn't be complex, it must take as little time as possible and be inexpensive.

We have a huge range of low cost modular factory built homes, all specially designed for strong weather conditions and constructed with high-quality materials and affordable construction.