Steel kit homes

Two Story Steel Frame Home -270m²


Steel kit homes are prefabricated homes that are constructed using steel frames. These homes are becoming increasingly common due to their durability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Typically designed off-site in a factory, where components are manufactured and then assembled. After that, the transportation process takes place on the preferred foundation.

Strength, durability and flexibility in design are only a few pros of steel kit homes. They withstand extreme weather conditions, making them a popular choice for areas prone to natural disasters. Using steel frame panels offer a strong resilient material that provides long-lasting structural integrity. It shows resistance to pests, rot and decay, reducing the need for frequent repairs.


(Two Story Steel Frame Home -270m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1515.5
Width (cm) 1107.6
Height (cm) 250

The Glare of Steel Kit Home Construction: 

Steel kit homes are becoming more popular as a choice because of their affordability, durability and sustainability. These homes use prefabricated steel frames which are manufactured in factories and then they will be transported to the desired location. When we compare steel kit homes to traditional home buildings, we see the reasons for the growing trend of using such module homes.

1- Steel kit homes are more cost-effective as they can be affordable at a challenging price due to the use of prefabricated materials that minimize the cost and labour.

2- They are durable. Steel kit homes are known for being firm and resistant to environmental effects such as fires, termites and mould. They withstand extreme weather conditions, making them suitable for affected living areas. 

3- sustainability is key. Steel homes have a longer life span and they are made from highly recyclable materials to minimize expenses and waste.

4- Steel houses are made with the owners' comfort in mind. They have flexible designs that can be re-customized to give homeowners the freedom to create their ideal living space finishes.