Steel Structure Houses

Two Story Steel Frame Home -278m²


Steel structures houses, also known as steel frame houses, are residential structures made from steel and other structural components when compared to traditional brick houses that depend on concrete, wood or timber. With the presence of steel columns, frames and beams, steel structure houses offer efficient construction.

Using firm steel reinforced the durability of steel frame houses to withstand harsh environmental conditions and natural disasters, ensuring sustainability and security of the house. When it comes to design, steel structure houses are the most flexible. They enable spacious interiors with fewer walls, allowing for more open floor plans and customizable layouts. Moreover, steel structure houses are quickly assembled and disassembled compared to traditional building methods. Since the steel components are fabricated in offsite factories, they are considered to be more effective in cost and faster in project completion. Also, they are considered to be eco-friendly and sustainable as they are made from recyclable materials minimizing the need for timber, which helps preserve natural forests.

(Two Story Steel Frame Home -278m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1293
Width (cm) 1044
Height (cm) 250

Cost-Effectiveness of Steel Structure Houses

In comparison with stick-or-mortar buildings, steel houses are renowned for their cost-effectiveness. The use of steel as the primary component offers several financial benefits. They are easily assembled and transported, making the least effort of labour and the least expenses. This results in long-term savings, reducing waste and eliminating the need for repeated maintenance.

Rising Popularity of Steel Frame Structure Houses

Recently, designing a home became an urge and here steel frame homes gained their popularity. Providing superior durability and sustainability in addition to the flexibility of design to follow the modern terms embraces the needs of owners and over-qualifies the old methods of buildings. Because of this, Steel frame houses have become the symbol of modernity and innovation.