Steel Structures Homes With Steel Frame Technique

Two Story Steel Frame Home -289m²


Steel structures homes, also known as steel frame homes, are residences built with steel frame technique when compared to traditional brick houses that depend on concrete, wood or timber. With the presence of steel columns, frames and beams, steel structure houses offer efficient construction.

Steel structures homes are considered to be a safe residential option for many reasons. First, their strength and durability as steel are one of the strongest construction materials which provide excellent structural integrity. It can resist winds, heavy snow and seismic activities better than traditional brick or wooden houses. Second, steel is non-combustible, making it highly resistant to fire. This significant quality reduces the risk of a house fire spreading and provides occupants with more time to evacuate safely in case of emergencies. Third, unlike wood or stick buildings, steel frame homes do not absorb moisture, reducing the risk of mould growing or rotting within the structure. This makes them prone to water damage caused by flooding or excessive humidity.

(Two Story Steel Frame Home -289m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1605
Width (cm) 1150
Height (cm) 250

Environmental Benefits of Steel Frame Construction: A Green Solution for Modern Housing


Steel frame homes are indeed considered to be a green solution. Steel is considered to be a highly sustainable material that can be recycled without losing its properties. This reduces the demand for new steel production and minimizes the environmental impact to the least. Also, steel frame homes are known for their excellent thermal performance which provides high levels of insulation, reducing heat transfer and energy consumption for heating and cooling. Being a durable material makes steel withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and earthquakes or fires. This longevity reduces the need for frequent repairs and minimizes waste generation over time. Lastly, they are pest resistant as they do not rot or get infested nor grow the need for chemical treatment to prevent damage caused by insects.