Light Steel Frame Homes

Light steel frame homes are a modern construction technology. It uses cold formed galvanized steel profiles as the main bearing building structure. The steel profiles are specially shaped through roll form machines to give different building elements such as wall panels, roof structure, joists , flooring chassis and ceiling panels. 

The light steel frame home system is gaining a lot of popularity recently thanks to its inherent advantages such as light weight, flexibility, easy to assemble, cost effective, and sustainability.

Prefabex is a Leading Design-Build Steel Building Homes

With years of experience, we at Prefabex are pleased to say that we quickly design, manufacture, and build our steel framed homes and have a reputation for providing our clients with full satisfaction.

Steel framing homes are today's answer to fast and easy building. We work with you on constructing a custom steel frame home to fit your style and budget.

At Prefabex steel framing homes, we have been customizing steel homes and creating dream homes a reality. We love working within our house buyers’ budgets to not only meet, but also surpass expectations.

Looking For The Perfect Prefabricated Steel House Plan To Build Your Dream Home?

Browse Prefabex steel frame house plans to help build your dream home! Choose from a wide diversity of all luxury styles and designs.

Our steel frame home plans contain a variety of designs, styles and sizes to meet any lifestyle including bungalow, chalet homes, town villa, cape homes, townhomes, single-family homes, multi-family homes, vacation home. Prefabex provide steel frame house plans in every style, type, and price range imaginable.

With contemporary, steel frame house floor plans, you have the freedom to customize a steel home to fit your needs and to help build your dream home.

Prefabex Provide Customers Stronger, Smarter, and Cheaper kit Prefab Steel Homes

Prefabex provide the smartest, healthiest, most sustainable homes on the market. And we build our steel homes to the highest standards and complete them in the fastest time.

Contemporary, Light steel frame homes floor plans, you have the luxury to customize a steel home to fit your unique needs and your style of living.

Find the largest selection of ready-to-build steel home plans, including chalet house plans, ranch Homes, cottages, ranch home, luxury home plans and more.

We provide a vast range of prefab steel home floorplans from 1-bedroom, single-story homes to 5 bedroom, two-story homes in a diversity of layouts & styles.

Prefabricated steel homes provide many benefits, from greater durability and guaranteed quality to lower costs and it allows the project to be completed between 50% to 60% quicker than traditional housing construction.