Multipurpose Containers


Accommodation Containers

Accommodation containers are prefabricated rooms that are designed to provide temporary housing units. The accommodation container buildings are created by joining standard container modules horizontally or vertically. Each module comes at standard dimensions of 2.4x6 m or 3x7 m. Modular accommodation container plan is prepared by a professional engineering team based on customer's requirements.

Cheapest Solution of an Accommodation Container for Construction Companies & Staff Housing

Accommodation containers are a functional and affordable alternative for construction companies because they can be quickly installed and disassembled. 

Eco-friendly, quick to build and cost-effective, modular accommodation containers make for wonderful and affordable housing. These cheap container accommodation prove that thinking outside the box doesn't mean compromising on high quality and comfortable.

Prefabex accommodation modular containers design & construction is evolving rapidly, driven by new approaches that can deliver on the pledges of mass production and customization.

Our Accommodation containers offer greater flexibility in its design and provide superior durability with easy to relocate and easy on your construction budget. Prefabex housing and office containers are created at least 70% quicker than traditional building methods. 

The accommodation and office container is designed to be installed quickly without costly downtime or disruption to your facility, with low expenses related to handling and concrete foundations. 

Modular Containers For Portable Accommodation

Portable accommodation containers are critical components for businesses that employ field workers in remote areas. Our accommodation units can come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each situation.

Our accommodation containers are used by companies that need to quickly and easily provide housing for their workers while they are away from home on a job, or for those who need temporary housing due to emergency situations or other purposes.