Flat Pack Containers


Flat Pack Containers: Easy Transportation, Quick Assembly

Flat pack containers are structures made up of pre-cut panels that are designed to be easily transported and assembled on-site. They can be flat-packed for efficient transportation and storage. Also, they can be used as temporary or permanent housing solutions for diverse purposes such as offices, classrooms or recreational spaces.

Flat pack containers translate the ease of transportation and assembly due to their flexibility. Once on site, they can be quickly assembled into a sturdy and secure container for use as temporary or permanent storage, office space, or housing. Flat pack containers are popular for their ease of transportation and assembly, making them a convenient solution for various storage and accommodation needs.

Prefabex’s Turkey makes modular containers for buildings. They are one of the best in the industry and have many employees and modern factories. They deliver their products to many countries around the world and are known for their high-quality products and good service.

Flat Pack Containers are structures that have functions in many different concepts. It is designed to be used in places where transportation is restricted or where transportation advantage is a priority. The components are light enough to be carried by hand and easily installed and disassembled. By connecting side by side and end to end, areas with larger openings can be created with different functional properties. Containers, which have a wide range of options in terms of capacity and area, are very large. It is generally preferred for remote and difficult to transfer areas as it is in a package to bring the advantage of transportation. Flat Pack Containers are an effective solution method to different usage purposes and production models and especially in terms of minimizing housing costs in construction sites.

The Leading Flat Pack Man Portable Storage Container Solutions

Prefabex has a wide range of products, including prefabricated buildings, portable office containers, modular cabins, and prefabricated houses. Our flat pack containers are multi-purpose and can be used as WC-shower solutions, container houses, container offices, and portable site containers. They also offer portable toilets and shower flat pack containers. Prefabex delivers high-quality products to many countries worldwide and is known for their excellent service.

Portable Toilets and Shower Flat Pack Containers

We make portable toilet and shower containers that are easy to move and set up. They are commonly used at construction sites and worker camps. Our flat pack containers can be quickly assembled and disassembled, making them convenient for temporary use. They are also suitable for public areas, restaurants, mosques, events, fairs, picnic areas, and modular educational buildings. Our containers are painted with a special system to maintain hygiene and prevent bad odors. They can be used as toilets, showers, or both, and you can find our plans on our website.

New for 2024: Install a Single Flat Pack Container House in Just Four Hours

The flat pack container house is made using new modular container technology and is suitable for all seasons. It's durable and can be customized based on the location's climate. It can handle heavy snow and strong winds, and is also earthquake resistant. It can be used as a plateau house, vineyard house, chalet, or as part of public housing projects, refugee camps, and mass housing projects after a natural disaster. Prefabex has provided flat pack containers for a variety of projects, from aid activities to construction companies.

Mobile Modular Container Office Buildings in Prefabricated Flat Pack Design

One of our products is the flat pack container office. Whether you need a new branch, consulting office at your construction site, a neighborhood mukhtar's office, a durable structure for a taxi stand, or multi-purpose structures, our container office is suitable for you. Our containers are durable, long-lasting, and can be used for various purposes. We can design and manufacture these container units according to your needs. Our products are environmentally friendly and made with certified materials. They offer useful and economical spaces. Visit our website for detailed plans and price information.

Flat Pack Container Price

Prefab flat pack container homes come in different sizes and prices. The dimensions of a 240x600 container can vary. Building a small prefab flat pack container home can cost between $2,140 and $4,800, while larger ones can cost up to $12,500. The cost will go up if you want more features and higher quality materials.