Modular Dining Hall Container

Dining Hall Containers

Dining hall containers are prefabricated rooms that provide a restaurant atmosphere with a structured foundation and enclosed space for big groups of persons to eat together which is safe and convenient.

The dining hall containers are designed to suit your staff size needs, whether ten or large one hundred persons facility, Prefabex’s modular dining hall containers are fully finished kitchenette and other fixed inclusions and can be quickly deployed.

Do you need an affordable dining hall or restaurant?

Prefabex portable dining hall and canteen containers allow significant flexibility to suit your needs in a cost-effective way, delivering a clean, comfortable, safe and efficient solution for your employee.

We specializes in the manufacturing of dining hall container and modular restaurant containers provide you with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively to your needs.

Modular Containers For Portable Dining Hall, Restaurant & Canteen  

Get all the onsite dining and canteen space you need with our dining hall containers. Prefabex Containers are a fast & convenient way to provide a quiet and comfortable dining place  for your facility, office, hospital, school, construction site or general workplace.

Modular container systems are an excellent choice for restaurant , dining hall, canteen, lunchroom and breakroom because they offer a multitude of aesthetic elements such as pre-painted structures, glass, roofing and tiling, as well as brick and wood as available finishes. This means the design possibilities are endless.

Portable canteen and lunchroom containers are a great way to cater for temporary or permanent employee requirements.