Modular Office Containers


Office Containers

Office containers are ideal for use as a jobsite office, security offices, administrative office, trailer for movie sets, temporary office space or event offices. The container offices made from light steel cold roll formed profiles that are joined together without welding.

10 units of 2.4x6 m modular office containers can be transported in 40 HC shipping containers and one unit can be assembled onsite within one hour.

Office containers are made for temporary office space, no matter where the construction site is. They can be taken apart and put back together easily. Each set is 6.00 × 2.50 meters and 2.60 meters tall. We can make them with air conditioning, furniture, computer and phone connections, and more. You can even stack them to make bigger office spaces. If you order 10 office containers, they can all fit in one big shipping container.

Our portable site office containers are designed with temporary and relocatble functions to be used in construction site areas. modular container offices are a very affordable, modern and flexible alternative to conventional brick office building.

Modular Containers Offices Are Ideal Units To Manage Project Or Business

prefabex container offices are the ideal unit to successfully manage your project or business. Insulated, heated, air-conditioned, well-lit space & configurable to your needs. 

Portable office containers can be used for a huge diversity of uses including commercial, community halls, education, healthcare, sports clubs, construction site accommodation, storage units and marketing suites. Office container units can be single storey, double or triple stacked or more if required.

Prefabex is a leading Manufacturer of Portable Office Containers

Prefabex is a design-build containers company and direct manufacturer of modular office containers for construction companies, industrial and commercial.

Our bespoke portable office containers range, the Prefabex, consists of prefab container offices that are as high quality, portable and low cost prices. 

Looking for Affodable office Space or site offices for sale?

Get affordable, high quality quality new modular office containers for sale with fast delivery, easy installation and ready for use. A modular container office is precisely what it sounds like: a portable office made out of a flatpack container.

Applications of Prefabex Office Containers: Portable Offices for Every Need

Site Offices - On-Site Staff Workspace

A site office is important for managing the paperwork and organization at a construction site. A container office can be really handy for keeping everything in order. You can customize the space to fit your needs and keep track of the materials being used. The office also provides a private place to meet with staff and have confidential conversations. The container office comes in pieces that are easy to put together and move around.

Expansion of Your Current Office Space

Is your team getting bigger and your office isn't big enough for everyone to work comfortably? We have the ultimate solution for you. You can use office containers to create more space that fits your business needs. These containers are well-insulated and can be set up next to your current office building. You can also customize them to match your office's look.

Temporary Site Office

Are your buildings  being fixed up and you can't use them? Do you have people who work for a short time or as trainees on your team? A prefabricated office container is a premium option for temporary needs. It's quick to set up or take down, so you can move it easily to where you need it.

Eco-friendly Workspace for Your Business

Modular construction offers a modern, comfortable, and adaptable space that can be customized to fit your needs. It is made with strong and firm materials to ensure sustainability. If you are planning to move to an area with harsh weather, the structure can be made even stronger.

Office Containers Cost

The price of an office container depends on a few things like the quality of the materials used, the thickness of the walls, insulation, floor covering, and the quality of the doors and windows. Also, how high the ceiling is and if you want any extra security features can affect the cost. Prefabex produces office containers in various sizes and designs while maintaining low costs and affordability. With over 25 years of experience, we serve customers worldwide. Contact us for detailed pricing information.