Modular Dormitory Containers


What are Dormitory Containers?

Dormitory containers are a type of modular units , self-contained living space designed for worker or student accommodation. They come in a diversity of sizes and configurations, and many include features such as restrooms, kitchens, and other common areas.

Dormitory Containers for Camps or Staff Housing 

Prefabex modular dorm and housing units are designed to provide maximum utility, relief, and extended service life no matter the size of your project.

Modular containers for camps or staff housing are a fast and comfortable solution to your space problems. Large or small, the modular dorms and housing containers option allows your employees to feel right at home with crew members to live in a modern, affordably constructed living facility. Browse modular housing units and dormitory containers floor plans and put our experience to work for you!

Prefabex dormitory containers provide a fast and flexible solution to accommodation requirements

Prefabex modular dormitory containers give you the flexibility to create accommodation buildings of any size or configuration, to meet your specific requirements. Our housing and accommodation container units are fully customizable and easy-to-assemble, offering affordable housing in any location.

Dormitory containers are most commonly used for student accommodation, construction site, disaster relief housing and worksite dorms. Prefabex dormitory container units can be dismantled and reassembled several times. Thanks to modular features, it is extremely easy to move from where it is located to other places.