Modular Toilet-Shower Containers


What are Toilet Containers?

Toilet containers are fully equipped restroom units, made from light steel cold roll formed profiles that are joined together without welding. modular toilet containers come in a wide selection of plans to meet exact customer's needs.

The toilet containers have been used as a bathroom, changing room, disabled toiletsshower blocks, toilet blocks, ablution blocks, outdoor bathrooms and latrine facilities.

Our toilet containers are produced and shipped as ready-to-use with all parts included such as floor, windows, doors, insulated walls, electric and plumbing networks.

Affordable & ADA compliant Modular Restroom Containers 

Modular bathroom, shower, locker-room containers are a fast and affordable way to get the sanitary facilities you want.

Prefabex have choices for prefab restroom containers and toilet containers designed around the site requirements. 

Our toilet containers are a significant demand for a vast range of applications as well as discover short-term usage for many functions.

Prefabex Specializes in the Manufacturing of Portable Toilet  & Restroom Containers 

Prefabex is proud to lead the industry in portable toilet and shower units. Our modular Sanitary containers help to ensure the smooth functioning of any event or major construction project, both in the long and short term. All Prefabex temporary and permanent toilet and shower containers are modular solutions that are fast, cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting.

Our modular toilet and shower containers produced with Prefabex quality are long life solutions exceeding your expectations. It is used as the optimal WC and shower solution for workforce camps, temporary accommodation, construction site, school/college, working sites, mineral exploration and marketing Suites.

Prefabex mobile toilet & shower units are a fast and affordable way to get the restroom facilities you need. Modular restrooms can be easily added to your existing lavatory facilities, or can be placed in a location where you currently have none.

Modular Sanitary Containers For Portable Restrooms, Toilets & Shower

Modular sanitary containers can be delivered fully constructed with plumbing ready to be connected to your building's water and soil lines.

prefabex portable restroom containers are sized, designed and accessorized precisely to architectural plans, then construct in controlled factory conditions.

container restrooms can provide additional plumbing facilities for your construction sites, oil sites, business, school, or government facility.